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Cleaning Q & A
Q: Does Lawton Brothers offer training seminars?
A: Yes. Seminars are offered on such things as OSHA "Right to Know" programs, carpet care, restroom care, resilent, wood and marble floor care, odor control, and equipment.

Q: What is Lawton Brothers' "Order Assistant"?
A: In a nutshell, The Lawton Brother's Order Assistant is a fax order form that is computer-generated from customer history with average monthly purchase quantities on it. Customers use it as a convenient way to order by fax.

Q: Does Lawton Brothers deliver its customers' orders?
A: Delivery is available throughout Central Florida on Lawton Brothers; own trucks.

Q: Can Lawton Brothers help us with regulatory compliance?
A: Yes! We have secondary labels available, will do walk through inspections with customers, and most notably, has a Workplace Safety Survey available for customers that helps evaluate a facility's level of regulatory compliance. If there are compliance issues, a Lawton Brothers Client Service Executive can work with the customer to help achieve and maintain compliance.

Q: How much matting do I need at the entrance of the building to dirt off people's shoes?
A: According to the Carpet and Rug Institute and other studies, 12 to 15 feet of matting removes 80% if the soil. A good preventative maintenance program for the inside of the building starts with keeping the entrances of the building free of dirt.

Q: Do we really have to have special labels on our trigger sprayer bottles filled with cleaning solution?
A: Yes. 29FCR 1910.1220 requires that all containers of hazardous materials be labeled with the name of the material, a description of the hazard, and the manufacturers name. If materials are moved from the original to a "secondary" container, it must be labeled. For more information, see

Q: What's the difference between water-based and solvent-based wood floor coatings?
A: In nearly all cases, a solvent-based product provides more protection per coat depending on the solids content of the finish than a water-based product does, Some facilities, however, prefer water-based products because of environmental considerations.

Q: For really dirty floors, should I double the amount of cleaner that I normally use?
A: No. Many people believe that "more is better", but in mixing chemicals, thats not true. Make sure your employees have the right measuring tools, and use the amount called for in the dilution directions. Too much cleaner can mean streaky floors and even dull the gloss on the floor. Simply mop an area, rinse out the mop, and mop that area again. The product lifts the soil on the first mopping, and the second mopping picks up the soil.

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